Rendering and compositing over network


I am rendering a fairly complex scene, split into three render layers. A composite is then carried out with vector blur, DOF, colour grading etc to produce the final image.

When rendering the image on one machine using Blender internal, it renders perfectly. As soon as I set up network render, the final image is only one layer, not the composite. The layer that is rendered is random from job to job.

I’m using the latest official build on all three machines in the network, and can’t understand why this is happening. I’ve had good results using the exact same setup on other scenes, albeit without the complex scene setup and composite.

Could someone shed some light on why this is happening?

Many thanks!

Andy Curry

I find that Blender does not like Mac networks. It may have actually worked, but rendered to another location.
There is a limit to the path length.
Try making your paths shorter by moving target folders up to their highest possible level.
Do not use any weird or foreign characters in path or folder names even if the OS allows it.

Hi Atom,

I also found that Mac networks are not good - I was using a Mac as another slave and all the images came back black. After two tests, I stopped using the Mac in the network.

Path length (Blender temp folder, render target folder) is as short as possible.

Foreign characters are not used, neither are spaces.

I rendered another test and set the files to save as Multilayer - these were then used as inputs in the compositor and worked ok - nothing else changed. When saved as .jpg files, only one render layer was saved. All it means is that multilayer files will have to be created on the network, then washed through the compositor at a later date to produce the final images.