Rendering and Layout texture problems

So I’m new to blender, but not modelling. Texturing? Not a clue. When I used 3DSMax I never touched it.

The Issue: I’m looking into doing photoshop work for streamers during quarantine and I thought I should get some posable game renders to work with. I’ve got a few Overwatch .Mesh files but every time I import the model I get this strange, what looks like an inside out model effect. (Can I force double sided faces?)

I already flipped the Normals with no luck. Devil Mercy looks like Satan Mercy…

A bit hard to tell from the shot…but on some imported models ( like XNAlara ) the transparency in the Right Pane under the texture in settings is set to Blend mode…which can cause this…also you may have a huge model on import and the Clipping is set to high in the start range and happens when you are zoomed in real close…I usually set mine somewhere around .1 or less…it can be opened by hover in the main view port and hit the N key, then under the tab that says View, at the top under Clip start etc…

So that definitely did the trick. The blend mode was set to AlphaBlend and I switched it to Opaque. The textures need adjustments but that’s a later job.

Thank you for the help!!!

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Glad I could help!