Rendering and losing changes

Hi, newbie question, but have googled many times and cant find an answer.

I am working through the blender manual with 2.37a. I have my project, but if i make changes to the project, then render, it puts me back to the save file, so i loose all my changes. Even when i make changes and then save it, it doesnt keep any of my changes. All im trying to do is move a light with GKEY, it should be keeping my changes right?



Yes, it should. Goto File >> Save and make sure that the name of the file is correct and that it has a .blend behind it. You can also use Ctrl-S or Ctrl-W.

When you goto File >> New >> Erase All (or Ctrl-X) does it load an empty file or the one that you’re now trying to save?


Yes, it saves as a .blend, and no, my scene is not set as defaul (when i press CTRL - X).

It was working fine the other day until i rendered then saved. Now it just wont change!

You (inadvertantly?) pressed Ctrl-U which saves the current scene (when pressed) as the default. Two ways to correct it; find B.blend by searching your HD and delete it and a new, blank one will be generated on startup or manually clear everything out and set up what you want your default to look like then hit Ctrl-U to save that as you new B.blend.

To test the saving problem it would be better to add a few random objects, save, move them around, save again and report back.


No, the scene im working on DOES NOT come up when I start blender.

I added a simple mesh (monkey) and that will go where ever i put it, its just my one light that will always jumb back after i render

In fact, it is all the orignal parts of the save file that wont move, such as my ginger bread man, light, camera. The plane that he stands on, however, will move. They are on diferent layers, will that matter?

If i press tab and edit my model then it changes, but i cant move the model out of edit mode.

My bad, doing too many things at once. Do you have IPO’s Keyframed on the Lamp?


Yeah, saw that one when searching. As far as i know i havent done it, unless i did it inadvertantly. How does one check?


Select the Lamp, open an IPO window, in the Menu on the header of that window where it saya ‘Object’ select ‘Lamp’. If there are IPO curves then hit A until all keys are white and X to delete.


never mind, found out how to erase them. How could i have put them in there in the first place???

And also, if im using raytrace shadows, how come when i render do i have two sets of shadows? One from my lamp and the other just there!?!

Thanks for your help!

If you drag the bottom edge of the top header down to expose the User Prefs window and goto ‘Edit Methods’ there’s a button “Auto Keyframe; Object and Action”. Yours is probably on so turn it off until you want to use it. Or you may have hit I-Key with the lamp selected (a few times) and while moving.

There are 2 lamps. Look in the Outliner Window (you may have to goto View >> Show Outliner if the OOPs window is open) and hir Numpad Plus till it’s fully expanded. It will show exactly how many objects (lamps included) you have.