rendering and numbers

in a certain fikle when a pressed on F12 to render

it goes to the render window but then i see a small square with numbers changing

then i have to wait and i can see the render

what are thieses numbers and is there a way not to have theses?


This makes me think about BAKING something… Just made a fluid test today, and this is exactly what it did before i could altA play the effect.

how can i get rid of theses number and waiting time?
and where can i see that baking things

this is something i don’t used much yet
may be later i’ll be more involved with animation but not for the time being


have U radiosity activated??

  1. Press esc if you want to stop the process
  2. Give a location to a folder where you want something to be renderer OR baked (Blender does not consider your usual Preference of saving - on a Mac you can ask that all goes automatically on the desk, for example… but with hundreds of rendered frames… Ggggh!)
  3. I also thought i’d wait with “baking” stuff… :wink: but with liquide, it’s a go-into-it thing! :wink: No way bake… hu… back! :wink:

i don’t want bake
and i did not use it that’s the thing

but i did put the radiosity lon in the render panel
and what are they doing thoses numbers i mean the reason to show that?

is it what causing the numbers to appear adn cretaing a delay in the render


A countdown, i guess… Something is calculated in the back. At least when i made my fluid test, it was counting the calculated frames or something related…
Any programmer around here who could light the lantern? ;p

yap got the culprit here

radiosity is doing some sort of counting of something
but what is it counting for ?
someone must ahve an idea on this


Probably the rays. This all light depth and rays deflection must be kept in memory before it can make any picture…

actually, Radiosity is counting the number of light emitting points in the scene, how bright they are, and if that light is reaching the camera or not…

is this usefull information or over information?

what do you do with that ?


Some are really fan of (but also absolutely need) deep insight. Actually, i should take more care about this sort of stuff… especially with poly counts!! <;o/