Rendering and Texture questions - metals and banding

Hi all. I am trying to figure out metals in Blender. In doing so I grabbed an armor model from one of the 3dWorld magazine collections and started messing around. The import went pretty bad… needing 3 levels of subdivision on each part and it still looks faceted.
On top of that… It took like 2 hours of blindly mucking through just to get the reflections and AO to not look totally terrible…
I would appreciate help on both the faceting issues as well as the render and material settings.

Shouldn’t you have more light sources instead of just one? I mean, you might try using some different color fill lights and maybe place an image in the background to give the metal something to reflect with the AO, set it to ‘sky texture’ if you want to render no background but get cool reflections in the metal from the image.

As far as the material settings, I don’t have too much to add.

What he said, and I would think that where the armour moves against itself would produce scratches, now you get to unwrap it all! hahahaha