Rendering animation frames - how to know what frame I got up to

Hey guys and gals,

So I was rendering a small animation, nothing too exciting, but my PC for some reason crashed and I have no idea what frame it was up to.

I would rather not start the whole thing again so here comes a totally noob question.

  1. is there a way to recover the frames already rendered?
  2. can I then find out what frame it got up to and start from there?

Thanks in advance,


Look in the output folder (by default the Tmp folder on your machine). If you were rendering to an image format (and not a video format), each successful frame should be in the output folder. They will be named with their frame number and format extension (ie 0001.png, 0002.png). Once you now what frames were saved, you can set your render to start at the next frame and go to the end.

AH HAH! Thanks again Matt! :slight_smile: