rendering animation in single frames

I would have searched, but I wouldn’t know exactly what to search for.

Rendering an animation as single images is safer than rendering it all as 1 movie. But once I have all those frames, what do I do to put them together as a movie? The sequence editor makes each image last 50 frames, and sizing all of those down takes awhile. Just as well, using the sequence editor, I have to go 1 frame at a time. Can I fix those problems with the sequence editor?

And what can I use to put all those frames together?

If you select multiple images when you add images to the sequencer it should work.

and, how would I do that?


thank you sooooo much!!!

working on it. answered your question more verbosely, but no more accurately than RamboBaby, here:

also, pressing the A-key in the file select window will select all the frames.