Rendering Animation with NORMAL looking lights

So l have done my animation and all is ready to go and be rendered; however, l did a test render and EVERYTHING is blue!! Could anyone please help me out and take a look and fix up the lights so when I’m rendering the lights are back to normal? I have literally tried EVERYTHING and nothing seems to work! :confused:

Here is the blender file code, if anyone could please fix it and save it for me so the problem is solved and l can start to render please? Would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

It’s not your lights, it’s your compositing setup.

What does that mean?

Switch one of your editors to Node Editor, and in that editor, switch to Compositing nodes (see documentation). You’ll see a bunch of compositing nodes that process your rendered result and give it that blue tint.

Edit that setup to that the Image from RenderLayers Node goes into Image of Composite node.

But you should know this. After all, it’s your file and someone had to put those nodes in there. Right? :eyebrowlift2:

…and in addition to that: You’re using Cycles materials, but Blender Internal as render engine (at least that’s what Blender is set to when I open the file). So it’s no wonder all your materials look grey…

Now you’ve gone and spoiled a punch line, IkariShinji! :smiley:
Just kidding, good call, I haven’t even looked at the materials.

Thank you for your reply, l must admit l am a beginner with blender and l looked at several tutorials on how to use Cycles Mode and l struggled very badly with it, so l unfortunately have no idea what l did wrong with the edits that your trying to explain to me. I changed to Blender Render simply because l feel more comfortable with it and l am trying to render in that mode as l have no idea how to use Cycles Render and am at a loss XD If you could screen shot my errors and tell me step by step how to fix it, that will be a great help! Again thank you so much for your reply :slight_smile:

You can’t use Cycles materials in Blender Internal. If you want to use Blender Internal you’re going to have to remake those materials from scratch. If you don’t know what those materials looked like in the first place you’ll have a hard time doing that. I don’t think anyone is going to want to walk through every material step by step to tell you how to recreate them in BI. If you want to use this file I’d recommend trying a little harder to learn Cycles.