Rendering artefacts

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I hope this is the good place to post such a question; if not, sorry about that.

Here it is: L2AV and L2AV.003 are the two sides of a boat’s bridge girder. As far as I can see, they are correctly oriented : L2AV’s face normals point out of the geometry, L2AV.003’s point inside. None of the two meshes is flagged as “Double Sided”.

Yet when they are rendered, hideous artefacts appear.

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Overlapping faces causes the artifacts, face normal direction will not make any difference, the faces are still in the same place.

Why do you need separate object for each side ?

I tried to merge the two objects and remove doubles, there wasn’t any difference :frowning:

Why do you need separate objects fro front and back ?

If you do then the front and back faces cannot be in the same position.

Very interesting, exactly what I was looking for :). But, may I know how you got this result? A teeny weeny bit of offset, perhaps?
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