Rendering at 50% and scaling up to 100%

I want to render my image at 50% HD and then scale it to 100% HD. I wanted to use the compositor. It looks like the sequencer can do it. Can it be done in the compositor?

The scale node also crops, it doesn’t adjust the canvas size.

Blender will consider output dimensions for compositing. Use percentage resolution for tests but when rendering your final file, use 100% with your desired resolution. If you’re looking for improved render times, consider denoising at lower sampling.

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TY for your reply. I was hoping to not only save on render time, but give sort of an artistic retro look by using filtering to upscale the image.

I probably could achieve a similar effect by playing with the AA settings and pixel sampling or whatever it is called but not save on the render times.

Did you try something like this?

If you mix in a dummy image of the desired output size, this should work just fine if you use a File Output Node for saving the result. (The dummy image needs to go into the first Image input of the mix node in order to set the image size.)

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Thanks. Yes I can achieve with zooming the camera out and just having blank surrounding. But unfortunately render region boggles it up so I just have to zoom out because it seems the output size controls both the scene render size in the compositor and the final image render size.

This is not the behavior I want for render region (w/o crop), and I don’t know if anyone else would want this behavior.


Scene w/o comp (also render region w/o crop)

With comp

With render region and comp

Render Region & crop

For those following this adventure, the sequencer method is to simply render it at 50%. When you load the image into the sequencer and select the image, its properties will say 2.0 for Scale X and Y under Transform. Then you can simply bump the Dimensions up to 100% in Output Properties (not the sequencer).