Rendering Basic 2D Animation


I’m new to Blender and have put together a basic 2D animation that lasts around 20 seconds and consists of around 500 frames. I noticed it took a long time to render this animation more than I thought anyway (around 15-20 minutes) and my computer seemed to be really struggling, it was making a lot of noise and sounded like it was working really hard for such a basic animation. Is this normal?

I’ve unchecked a couple of settings in the render settings panel, but was wondering if there is anything else I can do to ease the render process? Is there anything else settings-wise that can be removed for a simple 2D animation? I don’t have an Nvidia graphics card which I’ve read might help.

Any help is greatly appreciated

Please post a screenshot showing ALL your render settings and also tell us the number of vertices in your file, if image textures are used, etc. etc. - the more info the better.

Or post the blend file here, we find it much easier to help you with images or blend files…

Welcome to BA!

Cheers, Clock

PS. If you find my Canberra on the WIP section, it takes 16 hours to render a 30 second video of this on my 4.6 GHz Quad Core AMD-64 box, its all down to file size, render settings, image textures, etc. etc… :smiley:

Thanks for your reply. Perhaps it is a normal time then? I’m not sure. It just seems like a lot for such a basic 2D file. I have uploaded the blend file here:pond3.blend (725 KB)


You did not imbed the images - so I cannot test it!

Cheers, Clock.

Sorry didn’t realize the files don’t already come with the images, just learned something else! I have embedded them in this file I am uploading with this post pondupload.blend (3.87 MB)


Is it viewable now?

Sorry - I did not see that you had updated this…

I have just checked your file with the images in and it takes 2.13 seconds per frame to render this on my machine (MacBook Pro), I will test a full animation render overnight and let you know the timings, but it looks like being about 35-36 minutes for me. These is no key framing on the file so I will add some just to see what happens.

Cheers, Clock.

PS. it took less than 1 second per frame on my server (4.6GHz quad-core AMD 64 processor running under Ubuntu Linux).

Frikken BEAUTIFUL! I’m eager to see the animation!