Rendering big scenes, with sky and water - HOW???

look these pictures in the gallery:

How can I make this in Blender? I can not make good sky, maybe we need to use very high res sky texture??? When I use an ang-map (for the correct water reflections) on the render, the result looks like low-res sky…

And another problem: when I use very big water plane, the rendering incredible slow…

Use higher octree resolution.

As for the background, when you render outdor scenery, map some sky photo to View, or…

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Use your eyes and see that sticku topic in the same place you posted your post. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve always wondered about that… would you mind explaining what octree resolution means, in plain english? :slight_smile:

Blender will explain:

Cheers for that link, but while it explains how to use them it doesn’t quite explain what they’re about. ^-^;

Engineer-speak goes over my head. %|

The bigger the scene (detail as well) the ore memory needed to add it to the octree (buffer if you will.) Don’t put a monkey on a plain nd set it to 512 as well as don’t import a 10000 face terrain with lots of buildings with large area and set to 64. Right now you have to tune it to see which is faster.

The build times slow down with higher octree, but the render time MAY reduce. Too low octree will lengthen render times. 128 works for med-sizd scenes, 512 for big terrain.

I’ve always wondered… is it possible to code blender to figure out the best octree res itself?

Cheers for that. Even I was able to grasp it that time. :slight_smile:

Strange, though… Is there something similar to octrees in other software packages? In Maya and Lightwave I don’t recall ever having to worry about scene sizes like that.

That was on a feature request list somewhere for future work. I don’t know what other programs use since the renderer will be differnt.

yeah automatic ocrtee would be great… perhaps a combination of different resolutions could be made in one scene as well.

As in… say you have a very big rather low poly background and a few highly detailed models inside it. Then it would use low octree for the big empty patches and higher octree for the detailed bits.

I tend to sepparate my for/backgrounds to get that result and a huge speed increese now… would be great if it werent nessecary anymore.

I do too, I seperate a bunch now unless theres interations. halos for instance I tend to render in a seperate pass with no OSA (since it makes no difference.)