Rendering Blender Game

Hello all,

I just started using Blender and am exploring the possibilities of it. Now I am stuck with one question I can’t seem to find an answer on. Here I go…

Is it possible to render a blender game as a movie? A small example will clarify this. I made a game of a ball that just bounces. One ball that I made an actor and a plane it bounces on. So, when I play the game I see it bounce. Now I would like to render a couple of frames into an avi that shows this ball bouncing… is this possible, or do I have to insert a key at every frame and move the objects by myself? And if it is possible, how? Because when just hitting the Anim button it just renders everything at it’s initial position.

Thanks for the help (if I get any)!

There’s a Python script somewhere who makes AVI’s out of games.
I’ll search in my cd-r collection :slight_smile:

There is a script,

Hope this helps!
Have any probs, contact me
p.s. this isnt my script

I downloaded the script Hoever in the instructions there is a line which makes no sense to me.

Import the "exporter" object to your scene.

I guess that means that you must “append/load” the script in the link file to your own scene??!!

There is an empty in the scene that needs to be in any scene that you want to render. It should have logic bricks that run the python scripts