Rendering By Parts, Stars and Time

I’m shocked.

The same scene, rendered as a single 4960x3484 image (I’m making a poster :slight_smile: took

9m 35s as a single part

19m 35s in a 8x8 = 64 rendering by parts.

I’d expected rendering by parts to be more efficient (I have 1G of ram, brobably with less ram I’d have to render by parts or crash)

What puzzles me is that in the rendering by parts only the FIRST part has Blender built-in stars!!!

Anyone has hints on this?

Thanx in advance


What method are you using to make the multiple renders?


I set Xpart=8, Ypart=8 in the Rendering buttons


Hmmm… so far this looks like a bug to me.

Hey, Stefano, are using Publisher 2.25?
I made renderings by part with 2.23 and everything went ok.


Mmmm. I can’t remember which version I was using, I’ll check.


I just tried in 2.23 and experienced the same problem. What’s going here? Maybe a video driver issue?

Yes. It was 2.23, but even 2.25 has the same problem… I just checked!

and, no, I don’t think it’s a video driver issue. It occurs in the rendering, so it should be a blender only thing. I was rendering from the command line, after all, so no video driver is implicated.

I’ll post on this bug


were you using the sequencer or mblur at all.

i have had similar problems with things like mblur and the seqquencer.

or i have fixed the problem by putting the stars into the sequencer as another scene.

very strange. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: