Rendering camera background

Hi Guys,

I tried googling but didn’t have much luck. Here’s what I need to do -

I need to match a model to a concept image, so I drag and dropped the image to my camera, adjusted the image settings to fit, tweaked my model and now I’d need a way to render out the camera background as one frame, and the model as another (preferably a third one with the camera background staying behind the model)

tried all sorts of settings, setting the film/transparent in the render options, checking the view as render in the camera/image background settings (not sure what that does) but failed get the background image to show up in the render.

I’m using the latest 2.8 and eevee if that makes any difference.

Any suggestions?



You mean background images? This will never be rendered, they are just there as a modeling help. You need to add a plane mesh and put the image as a texture onto that. If you want to render background and image separately, you can use render layers.

Thanks omgold!

that’s a pity. I was hoping for the view as render checkbox to do something. It’d be handy for quick presentation purposes (especially now, with the visibility keying fixed), in case the client want’s to A/B. Which they do waaay to often, God bless their heart.

Anyhow, I guess I’ll just use a plane then instead.