Rendering cars. Big level UP!

That’s great!! i have checkend i will update textures in some next rendering some new stuff.

I think this will be the final shot of studio render of F12!. However i have in plans making an exterior render.
Any last sugestions?


nice, waiting for the final result.:slight_smile:

Great progress

I forgot to attach texturex when uplouding on farm. There is no photoshop hear only i delated pink from caliber (brakes). I think this paint looks really good what do you think :D?

These look great.

this is awesome

This is funny

thx guys i have improved some stuff a lot of less noise. same sample setup. Jpg make some edges looks likewithout AA. ;/

Okey so i think this is a finall version i will just make some background and finish any sugestions?

nope, but i can see the interior of that door has no shader which looks odd through the glass, just give it the same shader of the seats.

i’m Back curently i am working on few cars after rendering them all i will post project on behance and all how etc. And ofc. topic to the finall gallery :smiley: