Rendering challenge

Hi everybody!
I was wandering…How far can we push Blender’s internal render? so I decided to make a simple scene in 3dsmax and render it with VRay and then I tried to recreate that same look from within Blender. Soon I realized that some tricks must be done ( to simulate the color bleeding using a light inside each object with its same color for example).
Maybe with some tricks and material nodes (wich I don’t know how to use) and some post work (within blender) I could make a decent aproximation…But It would be better if some people out there share they knowledge and make their own attempt at this.
So here I post the image from Max/Vray and a .blend file I made as a starting point that you can use if you want.
Any body wants to try?
.Blend file:
and the jpg (I don’t know how to make it show here)