Rendering Cloth

Alright, got a simple problem. I got a model and put some clothes on it and baked the collision. But when I set it to the frame I want it doesn’t render the baked object, it renders the normal clothe unbaked, how can render it right?

Only thing I can think of, is to check the Cloth Modifier in the editing panel (F9). Make sure the Enable in Render button (the one with the little picture on it) is selected.

Checked it, and yes it’s enabled. But thanks.

Attached the .blend file if that helps, but I removed the object it was colliding with because it’s too big.


Human03.blend (615 KB)

Ignore the last post.

I figured it out.

Can’t you edit your post over this one and tell what you did to solve the problem for the future Google/Forum searches? :slight_smile: