Rendering color help!


I’m new to blender and going through some tutorials and have run into a problem. I am doing an exercise that has me creating a pill. I’m able to create it and add the colors (one half red one half white), but when I render it the half that is white shows up as a weird fuzzy blotchy black color. Any help would be appreciated.


You may have a duplicate object in the same place as the one you are modelling.
select the object, move it to check there isn’t another object underneath it, if so delete it.
In edit mode select all your vertices (A) and use W / remove doubles. This will remove any duplicated vertices.

nah I checked that and rechecked it its weird all the settings are the same for the red side of the pill as they are for the white part of the pill. However the white side renders in a screwy looking black with distorted color squares all over. I’m wondering if it is my computer, its not the newest and my ATI graphics card is like 4-5 years old. Any other ideas??

Did you use color setting only? Or did you add any texture to it?

Attach your blend file to your post so we can have a look, rather than wasting our time just guessing


Sorry should have done that earlier.


bc02.03.blend (280 KB)

Richard is correct. In edit mode, select a vertice and then press ctrl-L to select the verts that are linked to that one. then press G and move them out of the way. You will see a duplicate that stays. So, delete one, and you will be fine.

AWESOME thanks guys that was it. I thought all I had to do was to remove the duplicates, had no idea another one was hiding under there pissing me off. Thanks again for the help, man the learning curve on this program is steep.