Rendering colors from .wrl file?

Hello all. I have what is probably a dumb question. I am new to Blender and our requirements are fairly low; we are trying to produce photo-realistic post processing of FEA (stress, strain, deformation, etc.). To that end we have VRML (.wrl) files that have been exported from our post-processor, including colors (for example from contour plots). When I import these files into Blender, the mesh comes in, but I cannot figure out how to render the model with the colors from the VRML file. Can anyone explain how to do this or point me to a previous thread/tutorial that explains it?



Thank you; I will take a stab at figuring out how to switch to vertex paint mode (I was looking at this before but have yet to figure out how to turn it on).

From your question I gather the color info is in the vertex color data.
Here is an example of how you can render that.VertexColor.blend (453 KB)

When you select your mesh, in the mesh properties panel you should see at least one vertex color layer.
In your cycles rendering material you can use that name.

Very cool information. I’m a Wings3D fan and find this useful too. I’ve been disappointed ever since the Wings 3D importer went away.

Thanks for the help everyone. Between the vertex paint mode tip and a little googling, I figured out how to do it in Cycles, which is the prefered engine I’d like to use. It’s as simple as using the “Col” attribute for the Color under the Surface material definition.

Here’s a quick test model rendered in Cycles:

Thanks again for the help everyone.