rendering cropped scene

i think it would be a great idea to be able to get the blender to render parts of a model in the scene by selecting ALT+B. The render should be made by the area that is bordered with this command.
currently this is not doable in blender, because the blender still is going to render the whole model as if it wouldn’t be visible cropped.
with border-cropped rendering of model , blender would be a step further for architectural visualization.

You mean like Render Border Select (Shift+B)

No, ALT+B crops visually the model, it is not a render border select.

I think it souldn´t be rendered and that it also is not possible as it is now.

It is a visual feedback help for editing and seems to culls/clip the viewport and seems to be pure OpenGL, it´s no geometrical operator.
I´d like to have a tool though to make non destructive intersections through meshes for technical and architectural visualization.

why it souldn’t be rendered ??? what’s wrong with that ?

guess you need Sketchup for that

Because of context sensitivity - which is one of the big new things in Blender.
It is not a modifier to a mesh or object, it’s a visual aid for the viewport.
So it should stay in that context.

As I said, I´d like to have a modifier for non destructive intersections. That one would be in the modifier stack, and also should be rendered. Unfortunately it´s not trivial and requires a lot of computation, especially if it should be non destructive.

how does the sketchup thing look to you ?

You can always get this effect by having a transparent boolean object cutting through the object in question.

and if you have a loooot of objects??? what then ?