Rendering cubemap reflection to use in Unity

Hi guy’s,

I just recently switch from 3ds max to Blender and i was looking for pointer on how to do this in Blender, in max i just have a map to apply to my scene ex: a room and it would render a cube to 6 faces so i can use it as a static reflect map for real time rendering.

I search the forum and google it but the term cubemap reflection seem to lead to many different subject.

The goal is to quickly generate cubemap reflection to use in unity shader.

Thank for any help.

Some tinkering: Click on World icon, then on Texture. Set New and have Environment from dropdown. Where down on panel it says Environment map choose Static and see icon, like triangle, on the right. Remember that one.
Have scene, render it. First thing which happens will be Env rendering, then image. When that’s done, go back to this icon. Click, save.
There are some more parameters. Just play around.

Thank for the tip eppo i will give it a try soon and will comment back after trying.

Switching software after all those years is sometime a real pain!