Rendering Cycles AND Internal Together???

A couple of days ago, Richard Marklew indicated this could be done, by saving the layer rendered with cycles to one scene and saving the layer rendered with Blender internal to a second scene - then, use the Compisitor to render them together.

I understand this process, in theory; however, my Blender experience is insufficient to get to that point. Do I simply do a “Save As” to each layer? How do I open two “scenes” at the same time?

I’ve located only one tutorial on this topic; however, it seems to have been directed at more experience users. Appreciate any help, or direction to an intermediate level tutorial on how to accomplish this.


jmarkt I can’t help but thank you for posting the thread. Now you have me wondering if that might not be a solution for my slow graphics card in a ongoing project. Then again it might be a nightmare to pull of in a interior animation. Regardless maybe someone will wade in here.

You will need to have three scenes in one blender file… one for cycles, one for internal, one for composite (to combine the two together)

something like this

Thanks, doublebishop, for the quick response! I thought I needed a little more of a “step-by-step”; however, the image you included provided a couple of hints and I actually worked my way through it!!! I managed to get a render of both layers together. Hope I can work my way through it again, as the render exposed a couple of needed tweaks, but I really appreciate your help!!

No probs… I often find images are a better way of explaining rather than step by step, also makes the person think about the process more when they replicate them.