Rendering Display names

Hi everyone,

I have a problem which has either the easiest fix or isn’t supported. I’m using the ArcGIS addon and I have some data in blender which has come through brilliantly. I’ve imported a shape file and everything is how it’s supposed to be. My problem is I’ve activated the display names by going Object>Display and ticking name as well as X-ray. The feature is perfect as where ever my view is the labels always face me, the sizes remain constant and they’re always tied to their position. See attached

is there ANYWAY that this feature can come through on the render? Making a label for each location, rigging them to face the camera at all times and to remain the same size kind of defeats the purpose of using this tool as a quick, accurate way of viewing 3D data

Please help!


Hmm, I don’t think there is an inbuilt tool for this.

You could probably write a python script that would do this for you though. it might be a little tricky getting the x-ray working in the renderer, and scaling them so they don’t look tiny when far away will take a little work too. But creating a text object from an object’s name is fairly straightforward.

Ahhhhhh, thank you for your reply. I need to learn python, I only know Could be a good starter project for me!

Maybe I’ll try contact the people who made blenderGIS and see if they can add it.

Are there any learning channels - youtube users etc that you’d recommend for learning python? Thanks again for the reply