Rendering engine pass editing

Imagine a rendering engine, where you could click on each object, and apply whatever filter you wanted to that specific object. A little raytracing here… a little ambient occlusion there… All of this, after the fact that you rendered it… without re-rendering the entire picture, just portions of it.

Light may not fall the way it’s supposted to… but to me, those differences are subtle. Let your art be judged not by it’s interpretation of realism. You may see the picture with your eyes, you may even see imperfections; some that annoy you, some that you like; but when you let your mind fill in those subtle blanks, that is when you see the art for what it truly is. Everything around you can be a masterpiece, to you… you just have to choose to let it be.

What I’m trying to say is… “Who cares if it’s not going to look realistic… that’s not what matters to the individual artist”

The user end would probably be something along the lines of:
-object in the render is clicked it becomes highlighted in the render and the 3D view -right click to the object in either view (when in a new “render mode”) brings up a popup menu selection, allowing you to pick what you want to apply
-The pass(es) is(are) containing the object are re-rendered, and the changes are applied to the pass. (Only the area containing the object of each pass is re-rendered)
-Both “before and after” passes are saved in memory and disk cache