rendering error i cycles

i m trying to texture meshes in blender but i get error like the screenshots shows . Is it because deleted the vertices


anyonẃ please

Ctrl- Z wont help anymore?

This should be simple to recreate:

  • delete bottom face of the default cube in edit mode
  • scale it so that it fits your design
  • mark 4 vertical edges as Seams (Ctrl-F - Mark Seam)
  • while in top ortho view (7,5 on numpad), select all and - U - Unwrap; open in UV editor your image file, U again if you do not see your unwrap on top of the image;

At this point Cycles rendered preview should be fine if you did it in the same file and cube has this material assigned.
Add Bevel modifier to the cube, adjust it. Alt-D duplicate cube and replace broken things; they have too many vertices anyways.