Rendering Every Other Frame Experiment (In Cycles)

Hey guys - I’m sure this has already been attempted before, but I thought I would give it a shot. I basically took a simple scene, because I don’t know how well it works with more complex ones, and rendered a 4 second animation at 12 frames per second.

Then, I took it into After Effects, used the Timewarp plugin, made the Comp 24 frames per second, and interpolated all the in-between frames. The result I think looks pretty good (minimal streaking) considering the speed of the camera as well as the complexity of the bump map on the watery surface. Again, this probably doesn’t work too well if you have lots of fast motion or fine detailed texture in the background, but for basic scenes, it might save a lot of time (cuts your render time in half) to get the shots out!

Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s a way to achieve this effect in blender, as it doesn’t do frame blending. Unless I’m wrong about this? Maybe somebody has an idea?

Would be interesting to compare the AE results with what you get from slowmoVideo (free and open-source).

Yeah, Cool! I’m glad to know there’s an open-source alternative. Well, from what I can tell, it uses the same Optical Flow technology, so I’m sure the results are comparable. Have you tried rendering out an animation in cycles and changing the timing? I’m curious what other people get.

Actually, a few years ago, I made this video as a sort of art experiment using frame blending. I slowed it down to 24% speed and got all sort of really cool artifacting!