Rendering food

Trying to create a photo realistic render of food. Asking for any advice.

First effort: strawberry. Failed at it. Looks too cartoonish.

My suggestion is to add an HDR to light your scene. It will help you when you work on the materials- which are the next stage. Like you said, right now it looks cartoonish. Look at pictures and then search and learn the technicality of how you can achieve the right materials.

Thanks michalzisman. Though, what I mean is the model, the form itself. This is an OpenGL render of my model. This is how it looks like in Blender itself. The form just looks like a cartoon drawing or something so I decided to redo it. Can you give suggestions in how to make it more realistic?

Hmm from the photo, it seems that strawberries have much more “dimples” (not sure how to call them).

Ok. Thanks. It would be much more work, but that is how it is.

Yeah… There are no shortcuts when it comes to photorealism :slight_smile:
Keep us posted with the progress

I realized I just made the same mistake.

What a waste of effort. Again.

Another one after several tries. More achenes. Looks good to me.

I would add even more achenes, but it looks better. Now for the materials :slight_smile:

There are strawberries that has less achenes, but I’ll try another one with more achenes. Might also be a good exercise in modeling.

I think your strawberry models look pretty good, now they just need good shading, a bit of glossy and translucency/subscatter, also lighting could do with more contrast. Good luck :slight_smile:

I think you need to add a texture for the leafs and the strawberry. They need to by way glossier and different lighting would help too.

Definitely needs some subsurface scattering and some gloss.

As for the form, I would try to make it less symmetrical too. Also, if we’re adding things that it needs more of, I’d say it needs more cowbell.