rendering for 3d-glasses

I am total new beginner in game engine.

To make a game for several 3d-glasses, for example cinemizer,
i don’t know how to do it.
My main question is how to render.
I have made a stereoscopic camera rig.

Must i render two “films”; one for the right and one for the left eye?
Or must i render one “film”, containing the viewing of the left camera on the left side and the viewing of the right camera on the right side?

Which resolution must i use / count of pixels in length and hight?

Have you tried the Render tab in the Properties editor? there’s a “stereo” menu there, although I think the only 3D you can achieve with it is the one with “straight” parallel cameras, not even the toe-in stereo (which is not correct itself!)…

It is actually an off-axis method.

Thanks for the clarification Dalai, but this brings me to a further question. If this is off-axis, where are additional controls such as zero parallax distance? (set to infinite by default?)


We use the camera Depth of Field value for that. You can also control both interocular distance and convergence plane distance via the bge python api from within the game.

I knew about setEyeSeparation(), but I didn’t know about setFocalLenght(). This is why i thought it was a parallel cameras rig set-up. Thanks!
Is there any calculation for Far and Near clipping planes? Or you just stick to the Camera setting from the UI? I mean something like the auto-setting you find in the Stereo Camera Python Script from Sebastian Schneider (noeol)…

By the way, I’ve never fully understood the math behind the stereo confort zone calculation, never found a detailed explanation. If you have some useful reference for that please let me know!

Thanks again