Rendering for DVD/Blu-Ray/videosharing

I am working on a full HD animation (1920x1080x25p) I will need to generate versions of my current project for PAL-DVD (SD), Blu-Ray (HD) and upload (HD for either YouTube or Vimeo) any suggestions as to which formats/codecs/compression settings I should be using for each, or where I can find this type of advice?

All help gratefully received as ever

How are you getting the finished cut to start with? Will you be rendering your shots then editing in the VSE? Another video editor?

As far as formats go, here are Vimeo’s compression guidelines, these settings generally work pretty well for Youtube as well:

For Blu-ray and DVD…what program are you using to generate the final discs? It is probably able to encode the streams for you. Bluray and DVD require some special settings you wouldn’t normally use for watching a video on a computer.

Currently I render as .pngs until the final stage, then output the complete animation plus sound as an .avi. I am using the VSE for editing and DVD Styler to burn DVDs. I may need to get the Blu-Ray mastered externally so again it would be good to know the best formats/settings, or whether a different workflow would be better.