rendering/framerate control/timed animations?

I would like to make a game exe in Blender where it’s possible to cofigure fps/timed modelling/animaton(either trough a menu within the exe or a python-created cfg file outside the exe). Does anybody knows how to do that. Thank you very much.:smiley:

I’m not sure what you mean with your suggested configuration.

You could build a menu where you can select different options. Depending on this options you could load different scenes each with different setup.

Thanks a lot Monster.
But how do I do this different setup? I meen how do I do it without scripting. And if I can’t what python script do I need to use in order to control/set up framerate?
Thanks again.

So you want to set the frame rate?

You should know you can only slow down your game to manipulate the frame rate. There is no setFramerate() function.

What you could do are some optimizations.

If you do this depending on the performance of the individual PC you can apply a kind of LOD (level of detail) for complete scenes.

You have a game scene with heavy performance impacts but runs ok on very good PCs and looks cool.
Call it “Scene_hi”.

But this runs bad on medium PC. So you can set up the same scene but replace the performance killers with “cheaper” versions. E.g. High detailed meshes replaced with medium detailed meshes, high res. textures with mediumresolution textures. You could remove alpha planes (dust, gras etc.) or unimportant NPCs. It looks not so cool anymore but is ok.
Call it “Scene_mid”.

For even worser PCs you can set up a low performance version. This looks “playable”.
Call it “Scene_low”

Before any of this scenes start you show a menu where the user can choose between high, medium and low quality. (Search for “menu” in this forum). Then load the “Scene_hi” when high quality is selected etc…
If the game runs bad on high the player can load the medium or the low quality version. With some Python it could be choosen automatically.

Be sure it is worth! Because it is a lot of work.
Usual you end up with the medium version or you have to buy an expensive PC.


Thanks a lot Monster. You rule!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: