Rendering from command line

I recently tried to render a scene on the command line, but got some wired results. What I realized, is that everything is rendered without the armature changes and without subsurfs (which I had to turn of while editing, but are still on for rendering). Armatures are assigned by using the modifier stack and explicitely turned on for rendering, as well as subsurfs, so I don’t really know, why this is happening.

Does anyone have any experiences with this, is there any way to fix this?

this should help you alot :slight_smile:

Thanks for pinting this out, but it does not help at all, because the tutorial only points out the basics, command line options and stuff, I already know. The main problem, I have, is that the scene is rendered by using the edit settings instead of the render settings in the modifier stack and completely ignores armatures. Seems to me like a bug, but maybe anyone knows a workaround.