Rendering from VSE very slow.

I was trying to do a quick vid with audio I had recorded.

I added an image strip to the vse for the length of the audio. Setup the encoder settings for the vid a started to render. The scene does not have a camera or any objects in it.

When I tried to render the video it was taking 2-4sec per frame which seemed very slow since it was the same image for each frame and all Blender had to do was encode the audio.

this would have taken a very long time to finish a 4 min song.
Finally I ended up using an old copy of Nero to do the job and it only took about 20 seconds to encode the whole thing.

Am I doing something wrong here or is this not a good use for blender?

There are many ways to optimise Blender’s VSE rendering times. But you have to realise that it simply not optimised as an encoder No matter what you do it will never be as fast as a dedicated NLE or encoder/transcoder.