Rendering game engine

hi this is my second question here, i want to make a car break a wall. so basically i want it to go through a wall, i set it up in a game engine but i do i render this? i know how to convert it into an exe but how do i render the game engine so it acts like a movie but using the Build in game engine characterists (e.g gravity and mass) thanks!

Go to the Game menu and hit “Record Game Physics to IPO” Then run your realtime simulation. All the movements of all the objects will be recorded to IPO’s.

(only in 2.49, this feature isn’t in 2.5 yet I don’t think)

Happy blending :slight_smile:

ahh 2nd problem now before you call me a Noobcake . here it is… I CANT FIND THE GAME MENU T_T

I checked under Logic and under Render Buttons … yeahhhh ill try to look for it… plz somone tell me where is the game menu

ohh haha its on the top oh ok i got … i never used any settings from there before :smiley: