rendering hair.

Hello, guys
I got several trouble.
I got fur to render with the hair module. so i use the normal slider to make it grow. then i add child. but the radius button cause the child hair to get off the geometry surface. did someone know how to correct that?
If i low down this setting (radius of child) it s better. But when i render there is not enought hair. So i increase the number of hairs. As it crash easily i decided to add more particle system to the same mesh, with less hair by particle sytem. Is it a good idea? will it be easier to handle different fur sytem than one? Should i cut my model into pieces? (head feet…)
My last trouble is i m running ubuntu Feisty 32 bit xeon 2* dual core 4gig. But when i start the render i see the memory increase until it crash. And the swap do not get the time to start. what would be the best render setting to get the memory increasing slowly.
or how to render hair so as to get acceptable result (no hole every where) with low memory comsumption?

By the way it seems that there is something wrong with blender and use of swap and memories.
2.48 seems to use more memory and is less stable than 2.47 when it comes to render fur. but both seems to not be able to use swap…? Should it be reported? or is it a known fact.

ther is still consideratio about the swap. but i find the way to get some verry good result with hair. check the BBB for setting. not obvious but efficient.