Rendering imported alembic - first frame gets rendered over and over instead of entire frame range


I’m new to blender, and I’m trying to render out an alembic sequence that I exported from houdini.
It works with cycles and eevee, but Octane only renders the first frame over and over. Are there any Octane specific settings to make it recognize an animated geometry?

I’ve checked my frame start, frame end and frame step and they seem correct to me:

I’ve also experimented with the “Create Frame Range” and Is Sequence toggles during the alembic import, but none of these made any difference. The file and abc sequence are both available here:

This happens to me when I delete the alembic file (or move) after import. I keep everything as default and just import then move on, don’t delete or move anything.

Here is working Ok, after review and assure that the path is right.