Rendering in 16:9 doesn't work?!

Hello everyone.
When I press The PAL 16:9 button in the render options. My camera jumps to 16:9 (nothing wrong there).
but when I render I get a 640 by 480 movie. It doesn’t matter if I choose PAL 16:9 or typ: 720 by 576 myself. blender just refuses to render in this formate.
Anyone knows what’s wrong?

(ps: If there is already a thread on this I’M SORRY, I coudn’t find it)

…and is your render squashed horizontally?
as in:

Yes, It is.
I tried to stretch it (in Adobe CS3) But that gives bad quality.
can you help me?

If you put the animation on DVD and play it back on a television, the player should sort things out properly and give you the widescreen that you want.

If, however, you want a widescreen display on your computer, just set your render size to some multiple of 16:9 (e.g. 800x450) and make sure the aspect ratio is set to 1:1.

The resolutions for standard definition PAL 16:9 are:
square pixel: 1024x576
anamorphic: 720x576 (pixel aspect ratio 1.42222)

As mawilson says, to output to DVD (or tape, or an editing package) you should render it anamorphic. Most movie players will be able to detect pixel aspect (it should be written in the header of the file) and display the movie at the right aspect. In photoshop you can set the pixel aspect in the image menu. In After Effects you set it in the “interpret footage” dialogue for each footage item.
I tend to work at 1024 square pixel right up until I have to output, at which point I convert to anamorphic.

Hope this helps.

Perfect! It works.
Did’t burned a dvd yet, but 1024x576 gives the perfect widescreen (for the PC anyway)
Yet another think I learned thanks to the blender community.
I will post a MIB music video I’m making for my sister soon.
Thanks again.