rendering in a special color palette

(Tullisti) #1

is there any way i can set blender to render in a special 256 color palette? this would be really usefull to me.


(digitalSlav) #2

if it’s for a still why not just switch the pallet in a pix32 editor?

(dreamsgate) #3

run a search for the RGB values of a 256 pallet, take those values and convert to blender RGB value system, use only those colors to apply materials.

(theeth) #4

BlenderRGB = (256ColorValue - 1) / 255

simple isn’t it?


(Tullisti) #5

surely though lights and things will stuff this up? i.e.- a dark red object in intense light will have more colors in it then a dark red object with no lights.

also, i need to have blender render the image in this palette, as opposed to changing the palette afterwards. it’s too long and complicated to explain, sorry :-?

(theeth) #6

No if you set the material to shadeless (then, you won’t need any lamps anymore), but that’s probably not wat you want.


(Tullisti) #7

so i guess the basic answer is “no, theres no way to do that in blender”, right? :wink:

It’s a pity, because i know hat early versions of 3dStuidio Max had this ability.

ahh well :slight_smile: