Rendering in Background Mode

hey guys, is there any possibility to render in background mode, i mean to tell blender only use menory as the second app, because a want to work on other things while im rendering

No, as far as I’m concerned you have to wait for the render to be finished before you can work.

and if i go to an external renderer as kerykthea or indigo, is there a background rendering option

You can start more than one instance of Blender. You should also be able to change the priority of Blender in your OS (In Windows this is done in Task Manager). This way you can have one low priority session of Blender rendering and another session where you are continuing to edit your mesh.

As for Indigo, it will render in the background since it is an external render engine. I believe you can change its priority from within the application itself.

ok thanks i will give it a try^^

Also, if you insist on making the background render more automatic, you can try running a slave instance of a FarmerJoe on the same machine (or more than one, if you have a LAN). Then you can submit renders to FarmerJoe directly from the Blender GUI.


There was also an old script that did background rendering, but having several instances works fine.

do you have the link for the script

Just start blender in commandline mode as a second app. That way you do not have to have the GUI of Blender open.
I believe someone on this forum (Howitzer if I remember correct) has created a small app to setup a command line render but that only works for windows.

ok i work with windows, sham. who is without sin throw the first stone^^