Rendering in Black and white

Sorry if this has already been asked, I did try a search and didn’t find anything relevant.

Is it posible to render in monochrome, I know I could just take the rendered output into Photoshop or GIMP and do it, but I was wondering is there a way to do this in cycles without needing any post.

Thanks for any help you can give me


Sure, just make sure all materials/lights in your scene have equal RGB values, thus being Black to White :stuck_out_tongue:

But on a more serious note, no there isn’t really, you could use Blenders compositor?

You cant render in black and white as such - but you can output in black and white without going via compositor.

For image renders - when you render - then click “Save As” on the image panel - there is a "BW"option on the left of the save screen (just below where you set your image format (e.g. JPEG, PNG etc)

For animations - on the “Render” tab under “Output” - there is a “BW” option for outputting animation files to black and white.

Using compositor or photoshop however will give you much more control and will allow you to tweak the B&W image (perhaps simulating colour filters etc).

Thanks both for your quick replies.

Mooney that is exactly what I wanted the output in black and white. I know its not a big job in GIMP but it just saves a bit of time, thanks.


It’s not like there’s a lot to doing it in the compositor, just throw this in:


Brilliant, just what I wanted. I’ve never used the compositor before so took me a while to work out how to set those nodes, but its perfect for what I want.