Rendering in Cycles Render

Hello there!

I’ve come across a problem here. I made some textures and used them in Blender Render mode, but whenever I go to Cycles Render mode, and render, the texture is gone.

I find Cycles Render much better in materials, but Blender Render better for texture. Well that’s my opinion…

Is it possible to render something made in Blender Render, in Cycles Render?


what is the problem exactly ?

I don’t think so.

Cycles and Blender Internal are built very differently from the ground up, especially when it comes to materials. So it’s not really possible push a button and instantly have cycles copy everything.

There’s nothing stopping you from building some materials and textures in Blender Render, and then switching over to cycles and then using nodes building a close approximation yourself.

Cycles is pretty powerful. Through nodes you can do a lot of stuff (even a lot of textures stuff) you can’t do in Blender Render. So I’d encourage you not to give up on it.