Rendering in the Background

This is kinda hard to explain… I need to be able to render a file while not opening up Blender itself.

I read on the blender wiki that you can render files without opening blender by using the command prompt, but the only thing I’ve been able to do is open blender or the file, I can’t render anything. When I try to open a file from the Blender directory (with “blender test.blend”) it will open blender but not the file, producing an error. If I use “cd .blender” to go into the .blender directory, I can then open up the file (with “test.blend”), but I can’t get any render settings to work.

If I try to render (the blender wiki says to use “blender -b test.blend -s 1 -e 31 -a”) It will make an error saying it can’t open the file and that it couldn’t render because there is no camera. Obviously, I do have a camera in the scene, so that’s not the problem. If I try to render from the .blend directory, it can’t because it doesn’t know the commands “blender” and “-b”.

I’m a n00b at the command prompt (I only know a few commands and what the blender wiki page says) Am I forgetting a command or something? plz help!

Okay, nvm, I figured it out. I ended up typing blender -b .blender est.blend -s 1 -e 31 -a in the Blender directory. That worked.