rendering individual frames of an animation as pictures?

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is there any easy way to render every N frames of my 250 frame animation, and save them to disk as jpegs?? i could do it manually, but it would end up being hundreds of files.

There must be a way… what about all those files blender makes under the render/ folder?

thanks in advance :wink:

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i don’t really understand what your question is asking.

if you are wanting to know how to render eg every 10th frame and save it.
i do not know the answer to that.

but if you want to render an individual frame eg 42, or 76 etc then press F12 and once rendered go to save image (in the menu bar). make sure you have set the render settings to “jpeg”.

if you already know that sorry (but maybe it will help clarify it for someone else)

bye. :smiley:

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(im assuimning) he wants to know how to save every frame of an animation as a jpeg picture, without having to do it all individually. As far as i know, there isn’t a way for blender to do it. You could probably get a program that does it easily, but nothing super simple.

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what i want is:

i have an animation which is 250 frames long. i need every 2nd or every third frame from that animation saved as a jpeg. can it be done without having to save them all individually by hand?

thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Make a shell script or a Perl script (N=25):

for (my $i=1;$i<=250;$i+=25) {
$a = blender -b yourfile.blend -f $i

Should probably work


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ahhh… thanks for that. I was thinking about trying to do it from within blender. I’ll make myself a small python script(i don’t know perl) :wink:

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the problem with that, is that it outputs an .avi file, when i need a filw wqhich is openable with the Python Imaging Library (bmp, jpeg, png, and a whole host of others).

Of course, the other method would be to render the entire animation as an .avi file, and then find a program which can take every nth frame of an animation and save it to disk. ideally of course, it would be better to do it from within blender.

any ideas?

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whoops, sorry, the answer was hat i had to change the settings in the display buttons inside blender, then save, and then rename all the files blender produced with a .jpeg extension.

thanks for everyones help with this :slight_smile:

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cant it automaticaly put the .jpeg extention onto oictures if you press the extensions button (bottom left) in display buttons.

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if you want to do it in Python (to be used in Blender):

import os, sys, Blender
for Frame in range(1, 250, 25):
        os.spawnl(1, sys.executable, "-b " + Blender.Get("filename"), "-f " + str(Frame))

be sure to save your blend file before, since that works on the version on disk. Also, thid spawns many processing threads, so you can still work in Blender after starting it.