Rendering individual layers

In Blender 2.49 you just had to click the render icon in the bottom right
hand corner of the render layer box and it would just re-draw that layer.
Which is brilliant as it saves masses of time 'cos you don’t have to redraw
every layer to get your final composited render again.

Now with 2.5x this isn’t the case. It seems to re-draw all the layers
that make up the composited scene. Which saves no time at all
and is really annoying.
I must be missing something and there MUST be a way to only draw the render layer you click on, but how???

Thanks for any help.

Go to the layers panel, select whichever layer you want to render and click on the pin button on the right. It will render only said layer.

Hi Blendercomp,

Hmmm…seems to work for layers from the same scene.
But not for layers from other scenes.

I have 3 scenes I’m splicing together.
(Sky, background objects, foreground objects).
The foreground takes ages to draw (ok, only 1 minute).
But the background layers (scenes) should be really quick.
(This is partly why I’ve used 3 scenes of course).
But if I just want to rerender the sky scene by clicking on the camera icon
in the render layer box then it redraws the front scene too. Even if
the sky scene layer is pinned.