Rendering Issue

So I’m new to Blender and I’ve been using the ‘Noob to Pro’ wikibook to get me started. I’ve reach the module titled ‘Quickie Render’ and I’ve ran into some issues. I made my house will no difficulty but now when I render it, it doesn’t show up. All I see is the grey background. I’ve tried to adjust the camera’s view and to do it I’ve selected the ‘Lock Camera To View’ option, but now when I press 0 on the numpad it quickly zooms, until its inside the house instead of going into camera view. I have no idea why. It was working perfectly fine before. If it helps, I’m on a laptop but I’m not using the virtual numpad. :spin:

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You need to check that your objects, lights and camera are on the layers that are rendered (scene and render layers) and that your active camera is the one you’ve positioned. Active camera is the one that has a solid triangle on top of it. Ctrl+NP_0 (NumPad 0) to set it. Quick way to roughly position the camera is to align it to your 3D view by pressing ctrl+alt+NP_0.
Also note that you can set any object as an active camera, not just the camera object, but only camera objects have that triangle indicator on top of them.

The number keys control the layers by default. Pressing “0” puts your view to the 10th layer. If you’re not using the number keys as keypad on your laptop (fn+numpad keys instead) it’s easy to sometimes mix those up. By default, objects in the active scene layer gets rendered, even if your active camera is on another, inactive layer.
Check your layers in object mode - layers that have objects have a small dot on them. With shift+left click (or shift+number) you can select multiple layers.