Rendering issues with very huge scene : the objects are cracked when far away

Hi every one !

I have a scene with a plane and a huge terrain. (Everything is based on real scale because it’s a simulation.)

My terrain is about 300 Km² (I’ve put the units in metrics in blender).
When my plane is near the origin everything looks ok. But when I move it further than 10Km, my meshes are going just crazy :
(Just a little ugly illustration. This is a simple sphere with no modifications but far away) :

To experience that by yourself you can push up your Clip end to like 10000km, and then move a mesh far away.

What can I do, any ideas, any tips ?

Thanks a lot !

You might try going into edit mode, select all vertices and do 2 things … remove doubles, and after that… recalculate normals.

You’re either in orthographic view, or your scene is huge enough that you’re getting floating point errors.

Thanks for your help harley. Just tried what you suggested, but the result has not changed.
The geometry of the object itself is good because in this exemple it’s just a basic sphere primitive :slight_smile:

Hi matt !

I’m in perspective view and I think you’re right ! I think blender is just going completely crazy aie aie aie.