Rendering large file on mediocre computer

Hey guys,

I just need some advice on how to render a large file with plenty of elements (houses and trees, with background characters doing basic animations like walk cycles, etc, particles here and there for grass and dust, baked cloth simulations on main characters) on a mediocre computer (Intel Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM, 160GB HDD).

When I attempt to render, it crashes after displaying ‘raytrace…’. I read somewhere, try to increase the number of parts so that so much memory won’t be required, but this doesn’t help either, ends up crashing like before even when I use 1 thread only. So how would one animate a large animation with plenty of elements on a mediocre CPU? (…don’t need to worry abt render times, just need to know how to render with low memory usage, that is all)

If adding more RAM isn’t an option you can try rendering in layers. Divide the scene up into background, middle and foreground. Render each layer with a transparent background and composite them together later.

Thanks organic, I’ll give this a try. It will be a bit of a challenge since there are several cameras and some of the shots are done aerially. Also, since I’m using a sky, would I need to choose Sky for the background layer and all the other layers transparent?

You could try my addon.

Reduce the memory usage.

search Oscurart Tools addon in graphic all.