Rendering Layers in Slots, and Composition

Hello all!

I have recently started using render layers to help split up my renders for the GPU, but have run across a few issues along the way.

[Answered, No] 1. I have one render in Slot 2, where only one layer completely rendered, and the other layer in Slot 3. I re-rendered in the other slot, afraid that I was going to clear the other layer in Slot 2. Either way, I am not seeing any option in the compositor’s “Render Layers” output to choose a slot. Is there another node to use, or a way to move a layer to another slot?

[Answered, Environment Pass] 2. My Render Result has 7 users, but I only have a total of 3 results I can find in my slots. I’m guessing the “combined” composite could be another for each, is this right? Where is the last user from, and is there a way I can view where all of these users are?

[Fixed. Source output mismatch/saving] 3. It was only until recently that I was able to see my render results in a few slots after closing and reopening Blender. How can I keep my results, so I can see them when I reopen the project?

I’m still curious about the 2nd question of where all of these user block are from, and if you can view them somewhere.

What i find is that saving render layers on your computer then re-importing them into blender work’s fine. So i render the different layers one by one, save them on my hard drive, open the compositor, Shift A>Add Input>Image, and add as many as layers you have. Combine them using multiple nodes called “Alpha Over”. Then you can plug the last one in coposite node. I don’t know if that helped…

That way if you close your blender app you will not lose your layers, because you’ve saved them individually.

Hahaha, yeah, I appreciate the answer for the sake of being complete for anyone else with similar issues. One thing to add, is to turn on “transparent” in the render options when stacking layers with the alpha over. :wink:

I really do appreciate the time you’ve taken to reply Ivan! Unfortunately, I was curious about those exact questions. I do not have issues rendering, or working with layers, but wanted to see if the functionality I was asking about existed; which it seems, does not. As for the renders saving, I must have been over writing the slots or not saving, because since this post, I have been able to look back at my slots without issue. Either way, I’m just trying to optimize my blending. :slight_smile:

I’m still curious about the number of users for Render Result though.

Ok, I figured out the users as well. The render passes count as 2 users for every render, but when I rendered with layers, I also rendered with the environment pass, so that caused the extra user. As for a way to check users, I haven’t found anything that is better than using the Outliner’s datablock view, and cross referencing the results from the render result, and cycles render settings data.