Rendering Lines?

For some reason, when I render my scene with OSA, these lines show up on my model. I dont quite understand. I think its the repeating lines of my texture but I dont know ehy they would show up like that.

Edit- Try this link :smiley:

Any Help?



your immage canโ€™t be seen (maybe it is not a jpg???)


Hey Stefano open your eyes (or use another browser) :wink: .No problem with the image here (and the link is working fine, too).

Some possible solutions:
adjust the size[XYZ]-buttons in the material window to fit the texture to the modelswitch from repeat to extend in the texture buttonsmake your texture seamless or remove the black lines from the edge of the texture (BTW: it would be helpful to also post the texture)
Hope that helps.

BTW: Nice modell

The image โ€œโ€ cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.



Yay, now I get this error concerning the image, too. Mozilla 1.0. But it worked fine with Mozilla 0.94 :-?

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