Rendering multiple objects / batch rendering from many files (Furniture library)


I am working on product visualizations of furniture collection. Hope in few days i could share my library with You.
Let me introduce my task to better show the task i ve stuck.

  1. There are over 100 furnitures (single products)
  2. I want to make few shots for each model, with same render and lighting setup.
  3. I would like to be able to make 360 spins (optional)
  4. Each furniture model contains few part - base, cushion etc. Both hi and low poly versions. 2k - 1M vests.

I want make it in this order

  1. Save each furniture piece in one .blend file (with no light, floor, camera)
  2. Arrange studio scene
  3. Make some magic trick *
  4. Render
    • this is a question…

What should i do? Place all objects in one scene and play with layers (its over 100 so its time consuming), or leave it in separate files easy to link or import? How to batch import objects from many files, render them and go import next objects?

Is there any simple script to repeat the operation of toggle render visibility for many objects or groups?
How to play with parenting? for example my object is connected with empty to rotate, so how to save this connection.
So many question. None of clear answer.
Have You any magic tick or some tips for this case scenario?

Thanks for Your help. In my opinion it could help many blender users with batch process.